Rules & Regulations



The hotel staff is at your service during your stay for providing information and help.Accommodation Regulations have been formulated so that our guests stay in our hotel in a comfortable and safe atmosphere.

Check in & check out

  • Check-in 12:00 noon, Check- out time is 11:00 am
  • Late check-out / early check in should be extra paid and prearranged.
  • Late check-out / early check in might be subject to availability

Accommodation rules

1. Please maintain all your communication in a polite and respectful manner.

2. Hotel “Turkish Cottage” is a non-smoking establishment. (Kindly use an open area for smoking like balcony/terrace).

3. Housekeeping Services is provided Daily; only change of the linen & towel will be done every alternate day. Housekeeping hours (13:00PM TO 17:00HRS)

4. Washing & Hanging of any items or cloth in the balcony that might ruin the beauty of our hotel appearance is prohibited.

5. Food from outside is not allowed..

6. Pets are not allowed.

7. A guest knows and accepts that the video security system is installed in the hotel hallways and lobbies (except for the guest rooms and bathrooms)

8. The hotel cannot be held responsible (and therefore no refund is payable) for any failure or interruption of services to the hotel room, including electricity, plumbing, equipment and water, or any damage, disruption or noise caused as a result of repair works being carried out in another part of neighbourhood

9. The hotel has no strict responsibility for property, money, valuables, jewellery mobile phone etc, which you leave in your room. So please keep all valuables with you when going out.

10. Quiet hours are between 10:00pm and 8:00am. Loud music late at night or early in the morning, any other breaches of regulations are not tolerated.

11. Guests should not let an outside person into the room and make them use the various equipment or articles found in the room. Please, do not bring and keep the following in the hotel: strong smelling items, extremely large things and extremely high amounts of items, a volatile oil or gunpowder that could ignite easily, firearms and swords that are not legally permitted. Do not install a foreign object on the hotel itself or on equipment and don’t move things to other parts of the hotel and do not take items or equipment from the hotel outside or to other places in the hotel. Do not use fire starting devices, irons, etc. for heating (excluding items provided by the hotel).

12. The guest will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the hotel property caused by themselves, their guests or any person for whom they are responsible. Guest is responsible for any damages and or missing items and will be charged at replacement price

13. In case of pre-term departure, with the entire stay having been prepaid, the hotel makes no alterations in the stay plan.

14. Upon check-out, the Guest shall finally settle the accounts for hotel services rendered, check out the room and return the room key to the hotel administrator. Bill must be settled on presentation either by payment in cash. In case of default in payment of dues by a guest, the management shall be entitled to a lien on the luggage and belonging and to detain the same and to sell or auction such property at any time after the day of departure, without reference to the party and appropriate the net sale proceeds towards amount due by the guest.

15. When taking the room, the Guest shall assume the liability to pay for the hotel services being rendered and shall be responsible for compliance with these Rules during the entire period of stay.

16. The Management reserves the right to add to alter or amend any of the terms, conditions and rules.

17. The hotel shall be entitled to terminate the accommodation contract in case of numerous and/or gross violation of these Rules.

18. Any disputes that cannot be resolved in agreement with the hotel will be resolved through police intervention or in legal proceedings before the judicial court of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.


Guest Reviews

Stayed here for 2 days. Weather was superb!! Manager abhishek and owner ravneet are very helpful and genuine persons

India Canada

View is best ...early mornings are heavenly rooms are in good condition , blowers are available with extra cost .staff is friendly parking space is less ....and route is pretty dangerous to reach

riderdoc Luffy

Spacious rooms with wonderful view..fantastic food...very helpful staff...


One Of the finest hotel available in McLodganj, it is available at a very prime location and it is very peaceful. …


This hotel is very nice place . Staff is very good .
Best food service , and side view are amazing .
Hotel's room are maintained and proper clean . It was really superb . And manager rahul bhaiya thank-you soo much. For making tour fabulous .

Mayank Saxena

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